If not, you will need to contact your GP surgery to verify your ID and register for Online Services, as explained in the green box immediately below. 
BEFORE YOU REGISTERING FOR MYWAY DIABETES YOU WILL NEED: an email address contact with your GP practice to request that they register you for Online Services. Once they have verified your ID* they will issue you with three Online Services registration codes, at which point you can skip to step 1 below.  *‘Verifying your ID’ may be more difficult with practices actively keeping people away from surgeries during Covid-19; if this is the case then please check the practice website and/or contact them directly to see how to proceed, e.g. some practices are doing this validation step via Zoom etc.

Step-by-Step Guide to Registering for Patient Access on MyWay Diabetes


There are separate instructions for existing users who already have a MyWay Diabetes Somerset account at the bottom of this page.


For New Users:

1. Once you have registered for online services:

When you register for online services your GP practice will send you an email or give you a letter like the one shown on the right.  You will need your three codes like the ones circled in red:  Linkage Key ODS Code Account ID   These codes connect your My Diabetes My Way registration to your GP practice and your clinical data.

2. Go to patientaccess.mydiabetes.com/


Click "Register"


3. Enter the 3 codes you received from your GP practice, plus your surname, date of birth and email address in the boxes shown below:


For Existing Users:

If you have already reset your password to complete your account set up on the new site, you can access it at patientaccess.mydiabetes.com/.  Click "Login" and enter your username and password.

If you have not already input your 3 codes from your GP, you can do so by clicking the online services form button at the top of the page.  (see image below)

If you're having problems registering, please check our troubleshooting page for further information.