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Image for Patient experience - using an insulin pump

Mary Robertson talks with Jane Mitchell about her experiences and the practicalities of getting and using an insulin pump.

Image for Patient experience - who is an insulin pump right for?

Mary Robertson and Debbie Voight discuss factors which may affect a patient's suitability for an insulin pump.

Image for Patient Testimonial: Depression

In this video Shazia, a type 1 diabetic from Glasgow, talks about her experiences of depression and the care she received.

Image for Patient Testimonial: Pregnancy

In this video Sharon from Kirkcaldy, who has type 1 diabetes, talks about her experiences of pregnancy.

Image for Patient Testimonial: Progressive Care

In this video Bruce talks about the care he has received in West Lothian as his diabetes has progressed.

Image for Patrick - type 2 diabetes, walks his way to better health

In this video Patrick, who has type 2 diabetes, explains how walking helped him improve his health.

Image for Practical Advice for Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

This page provides detailed advice on exercise and physical activity with type 1 diabetes.

Image for Putting Feet First

Diabetes UK is putting feet first.

Image for Reviewing your diabetes records

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