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Image for Looking After Your Feet When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes can gradually damage the nerves and blood vessels supplying your feet. This happens so slowly that you may not notice that your feet are less sensitive than they used to be. As your feet are less able to let you know when something is damaging them, it is important to look after them. This…

This crib sheet is for emergency departments, acute medical admissions wards or acute medical assessment units to use during the COVID-19 pandemic for people with diabetes.

Image for Managing Diabetes at a Music Festival

This leaflet gives advice on how to look after your diabetes at a music festival while still having a good time.

For healthcare professionals and carers working in primary care and the community.

Image for Managing worry about covid and type 1 diabetes

Managing type 1 diabetes during periods of stress can be challenging. This guide has been created to help you cope with living through the current situation with coronavirus. Compiled by Clinical Psychologist Dr Rose Stewart and the Wrexham Young Adult Diabetes Service (BCUHB, NHS Wales).

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This resource gives an overview of Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY), including why it develops and how it is diagnosed.

Individuals attending the diabetic foot clinic require regular and close surveillance to achieve optimal outcomes and limb salvage.

Image for Medical Rules for Driving
External Resource

UK Government guide for drivers with diabetes treated by tablets and or diet.

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