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Web Resource Last Updated: 05-10-2020

My Diabetes My Way in Somerset is having a facelift!

We have redesigned our data portal to make accessing your health care data even better, with greater visuals and clearer links back to information, to help you better manage your diabetes.


The video gives a snapshot of what the new portal will look like


For users of the smartphone app

it will cease to work when you switch to the new portal, but the new platform will be accessible through any internet browser on your smartphone (like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc.) and has been designed to reformat perfectly for a smartphone or tablet screens.


Watch your email:

Over the next week, you will receive a separate email with a link to re-register for the new-look platform. You should click on the link to login and reset your password.

We will also link you to a full portal video guide.


Next Steps:

In addition, to ensure ongoing access to the data collected at your GP practice, we need you to take a few extra steps. These need to be completed over the next 2 months to ensure the data continues to flow from your GP health record into the MyDiabetesMyWay platform.

  1. Register with your GP for “Online Services”.

If you are not already registered, contact your GP- you will need to share photographic ID with them and fill in some documentation.

Your Practice needs to enable your record for:

  • online access (you may already have this if ordering online prescriptions)
  • detailed records access for Labs, Results & Problems

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and please let us know if we can help in any way.

Best Wishes

The MyWay team

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